Body Of Christ Ministry

                                                "The Spirit Of The Lord is Upon Me"

                        The Tower

Built as a Folly Sandridge House stands on the site of 14th Century church and it is thought Oliver Cromwell stabled his horses here prior to the battle of Roundway during the English Civil War. Originally Sandridge Tower was part of nearby Spye Park but was given to a younger son. Latterly it has been a registered nursing home and now offers comfortable bed & breakfast facilities.

It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and it is a place of great peace and tranquillity. Sandridge Tower is located about 2 miles North East of Melksham North Wiltshire UK, in lovely rolling countryside. The grounds constitute about 40 acres of ancient woodland and include some three acres of pasture. 

The Tower is used for various ministry days and teaching weekends as well as offering B&B facilities. Rev Ruth Woodhouse, owns the Tower and is an ordained minister. Both Ruth & Kim  hold regular coffee mornings at the Tower. Some as a time of fellowship and ministry within the Body Of Christ and others as an opportunity for outreach to neighbours and the surrounding community.

Rev Ruth Woodhouse